It took us over two years (maybe more) to actually get a shoot going, but we finally did it! We got in touch through ModelMayhem, where I had seen her posting a casting call to shoot. I’d send her a message and she’d tell me she loves my work, so I’d try and set something up, only to never hear from her for months.. until she posts another casting call, at which point the cycle begins anew.. haha.

Thankfully, this time we managed to follow through and get something going. My favorite set was probably the experiment with the fake cherry tree. I wanted to build upon the initial shot I had done at FD Studio’s flower wall with Mary, as I felt it was missing a bit of depth. The reality of the shot was pretty awkward to pull off, but the end result was awesome.

Anecdote of the shoot – Alice brought a ton of wardrobe- at one point she came out wearing what was literally pasties held on string- and asked how it looked, and if it was too much. My brain was telling me to say nothing, but somehow the words came out stating that the outfit was probably too crazy and not fit for what we were shooting. Maybe next time!



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : July 16, 2017

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