This was one of the more fun shoots from back in the day, and the first time we tried out making a BTS video for one of our shoots at Madlight. We met up with Debbie at her apartment in Hollywood and then drove through painful traffic to shoot in Malibu. I am fairly confident it took us close to two hours just to drive about 30 miles.

One of the more amusing stories Debbie told us while conversating was about her current boyfriend, who was a photographer for a well known publication. Although she felt he was talented, she also thought that he was not very good at shooting models in particular, and would try her best to avoid shooting with him. I think if I were in his shoes I would be pretty sad haha.

Most of these shots were taken in direct overhead sun around mid noon, which most photographers know to avoid, but I wanted to try and shoot with it to show that you can still get a good aesthetic out of it.

We ended the shoot with Debbie asking us to stop by for a chili mango vendor, and then hunting down a Zankou Chicken (and avoiding the first one Google Maps directed us to, which was in a questionable area). Good times!

Check out the video if you have the chance- it’s pretty amateur work, but her Australian accent alone makes it worth watching!



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : Nov 08, 2012

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