Eleanor Mustang


Joey King Mead’s Eleanor Mustang

I’m not sure about the exact number, but this is one of less than 10 official Eleanor Mustangs.

For those that don’t know, Eleanor was the name given to the hero car in the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds,” which became a cult favorite for the intense car stunts littered through the movie. A reboot starring Nicolas Cage was made in 2000, which is the movie that this car is based on.

The Eleanor Mustang is a modified 1967 fastback, and can only be hand built officially by Fusion Motors. Its legacy is preserved by Denice Helicki, wife of the original movie’s director. New builds must be approved by Denice herself, and any unofficial use of the Eleanor name is target for a lawsuit.

This build was the first to be approved with a flat black paint job, among other things- the Eleanors are typically grey with racing stripes. It was a gift to Joey King Mead from her spouse, Angelina Mead King.



  • Category : Automotive
  • Date : August 05, 2017

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