After shooting in one of FD Studio’s rooms for an earlier shoot, I wanted to try my hand at one of their other rooms and do some more Majestic Casual-style stuff (this must be the hundredth time I’ve mentioned them) in one of their other rooms that has a predominantly wood motif. I found Emily while browsing through MM, and she liked the concept, so the setup was quick.

Emily’s story is almost like a movie- a small town girl from Michigan moves to Hollywood to achieve the dream of becoming a rising star. I’m always in awe when people are willing to just set forth and follow their heart no matter the odds, rather than follow the beaten path.

The funniest part of the shoot was doing the set with the knit top that she brought. It just would not stay in place. Whoever designed it needs to go back to school! And the couch that most likely had naked people on it. Haha.

I really enjoyed shooting with Emily because her personality was very endearing and modest, yet she was able to pull off sultry at the same time. I feel that a Cali-raised equivalent of her would probably be on the pretentious side. I hope that LA doesn’t change her, but also wish her success as she pursues her career! Hopefully she’ll remember me when she’s making millions and I’m still shooting for food.




  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : June 10, 2017

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