Continuing my quest to find models from different European countries, I came across Francesca’s profile – she just moved from Italy a few years ago, and I was surprised (maybe slightly disappointed haha) that she didn’t have a hint of an accent at all!  I loved the blonde hair and light blue eyes, and felt fortunate that she was interested in shooting with me.

I had a great time with Franci – communication with her was conversational and upbeat, so it didn’t feel like we were just going through a business transaction. I’ve probably mentioned this, but I love people that are modest and don’t take themselves seriously; a casual shoot atmosphere that feels like we’re just chillin is always the best. I also got to learn newfangled slang from her, like “bet!” Am I really that old now?

While we were planning the shoot and sending each other concept inspirations, she showed me a picture she found on IG involving white fishnets, so we wanted to see if we could pull off a copy of it. Surprisingly, the hardest part of it was finding white fishnets at all – F21 would have a section full of different fishnet designs, that just happened to all be black.. wtf?? Thankfully, of all places, I managed to find a perfect pair at Hot Topic. Who would’ve thought. And what’s up with all the anime related stuff there nowadays?? Holy crap, I definitely am old now.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : December 17, 2017

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