There’s really not much I can say about these pictures- these were standard test shots (and video!) that her agent requested I shoot to help her land a contract with a talent agency in Thailand.

What there IS to talk about is Gigi herself- I don’t really need to explain it. You just need to look at her. She is half Greek and half Korean. She’s gorgeous. And she’s married into the Gracie family so you might want to think twice about homewrecking. But it’s not even about her looks. Gigi is one of the most genuine, honest, and talented models I’ve ever worked with. I love almost everyone I work with, but with Gigi I mean it 110%. It’s rare to find someone that can strike a pose and do it well with only an initial idea and minimal correction. But it’s even rarer to find someone like her that hasn’t grown an overblown ego. And I think that’s the thing I appreciated the most.

I think my best memory of her is each time we would review the casting video clips, and seeing that look of amazement in her eyes like what we just did was the most amazing thing in the world. Nothing makes me feel happier as a photographer than to see and feel something like that.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : May 06, 2014

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