Gustavo & Yvette Wedding


Gustavo & Yvette

Gustavo and Yvette had their wedding in Whittier, which I never really explored until then! The surrounding area seems to have been frozen in time to the 1950’s, which I found interesting. Talking to the wedding director a month before the wedding date, I asked him for location suggestions for a post-ceremony shoot, and he mentioned that a lot of couples had their pictures taken at the nearby Penn Park. Scouting it left much to be desired, as I felt it didn’t have enough interesting visuals, but it was technically the only public area where we could do wedding photography without getting hassled.

On the day of, I asked Yvette and Gustavo if they would be willing to risk taking pictures at the nearby Whittier College, which I felt had way more impact, and they decided to go for it. A security guard for the campus did catch us, but God bless him for letting us continue the shoot. Sadly, while getting out of the limo, I dropped my camera on concrete and broke the lens off the mount. That was embarrassing. And expensive. On the other hand, the camera survived and continued working like nothing happened, so bonus points to Canon for making a durable product.

I had an enjoyable time shooting their wedding, and at most times I really felt like I was just there celebrating alongside everybody else, with the only difference being I was there for an entire day and carrying a ton of stuff. I am grateful that they trusted me enough to shoot their wedding and getting my first official one under my belt! And also a special shout out to my friend Alice for hooking it up with the assist.



  • Category : Wedding
  • Date : March 03, 2012

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