I had shot Jasmine previously for a few shoot ideas I wanted to try out a while back. When March rolled around, she asked if I could help with a Pilates related project called “March Matness,” which I thought was an amusing pun. The project consisted of posting one of the original Pilates poses for each day of the month in March (with a few overlapping in a day since there were 34 poses total). I thought this sounded pretty cool so I agreed to shoot it.

The challenge was in trying to keep each shot fresh; with a different outfit for each pose and some variation in the props in the background, as well as for her to attempt to maintain a pose multiple times to make sure we got one really good shot for each; so this was definitely a lot harder on her than it was for me!

I just wanted to share a few of the poses that I thought were interesting. I definitely learned a lot while working with her; especially about this history of Pilates and its modern interpretations, as well as the use of the reformer machine. Her flexibility and strength while maintaining the poses definitely made me feel like a chump with my paltry weight lifting gym strength. The best part is that we shot at the Newport Beach Country Club, so I got to pretend that I’m a rich and important person for a while.. haha.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : March 01, 2017

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