This shoot came about because I wanted to do something summer themed that wasn’t the usual “bikini at the beach” shot; with a more light-hearted and fun approach of summertime as a kid; and also because I came across a picture of a model wearing a “Bae Watch” monokini and thought it was quite clever at the time, so I wanted to do a shoot using one as well.

The hardest part was finding a legit Bae Watch mono. Since it was trending at the time, buying an “official” one from a reputable U.S. store cost close to $100 – no way I’m paying that much just for a shoot prop. The alternative was to look for a knock off, so I started cruising Alibaba and E-bay, which was a huge mistake. The misleading thing about the sellers from China is that they use professional photos of the real suit, and at the very end they’ll have one picture of what they’re actually selling. I made the mistake of not being careful and ordered from them, and the result was disappointing. Thankfully I was able to find a much better copy from a U.S. seller and received that quickly. The cut wasn’t quite right but at least the font was.

From there it was just piecing together some backyard summertime props like inflatables and squirt guns.

I met Kallita at a car show and I thought she had such a great look to her because of her mixed look (and if I were to be honest, her body proportions are fire). I was afraid that she would think the idea was completely ridiculous, but thankfully she has a sense of humor and thought it would be great. The shoot was fun- and her boyfriend was a really cool dude and helped out with some of the heavy lifting. Some of the shots ended up looking more sensual than fun, but hopefully we were able to capture a little bit of both!



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : September 28, 2015

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