On my quest to shoot more European models, I came across Katya. A recent transplant from Ukraine, she’s quite chipper and funny. I always enjoy reading her texts because of how quirky they are due to English not being her main language. I also like to vote on her IG stories even though I have no idea what she’s saying since her typing is in Cyrillic…haha.

We decided to shoot at a loft in the heart of DTLA (thanks Mikhail!), which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I really love the old architecture that’s slowly disappearing. Katya was dropped off about a block away, so I told her to wait and I would come get her. By the time I got there, a random bum/dude was already trying to hit on her. Fortunately, she didn’t think that was me at the time haha.

Despite that initial hiccup though, the shoot went swimmingly. Katya was easy going and she looked great, so that’s all I could ask for. Except maybe some better wardrobe (not a fan of that black and white striped shirt); although I am really happy with how the jean material shots turned out- totally reminds me of a Guess style ad. After the shoot I got to witness someone sock another bum in the face and lay him out. Always good times in LA.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : October 14, 2017

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