About two years ago, I came across the group ODESZA while browsing through the ever so awesome Majestic Casual YouTube music channel. One of their songs, “All We Need,” became one of my favorites. I later watched the official music video, which deals with themes of drug use. There’s a moment in the beginning where a woman, while high, dances in a room while holding a bare light bulb. Something about the whole concept of that situation- including the Cali 60’s vibe interior, the idea that sometimes the most meaningless object could turn out to be the only thing that matters at a moment in time- made me feel that this would translate well as a still shot.

It was from there that I decided I needed a few things- an interesting light bulb, an extension cord with a bulb socket, and most importantly, I needed a blonde Caucasian. Luckily, Amazon has everything (except the blonde), so I was able to find this very interesting LED bulb that could almost look like it trails a bunch of fireflies inside, giving it a very fantastic feel. I debated whether to go with this or a more traditional bulb in fear that it might overtake the picture, but decided to give it a try anyway.

For the model, I was able to find Maria, who just emigrated from Ukraine under a year ago. I was surprised to hear that she came alone after finishing university there, just because she wanted to see something new. Definitely way more ballsy than I could ever be!

We shot at my parents home, because it was built in the 60’s and still carries a bit of that old Cali swag, with the idea that I would shoot entirely with the bulb as the main light source. I was a bit afraid of pushing the ISO and doing adjustments due to the 5D3’s banding problems, but I think they came out relatively well.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : April 08, 2017


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