::Queues up Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman”:: I always liked the 1940’s pinup look (something about the pastel colored backgrounds just takes me back in time), so at one point I wanted to try my hand at it to go along with the most “America, f-ck yeah!” holiday theme, the 4th of July!

This was probably the most elaborate shoot I’ve ever done; in terms of setup and effort; which is sad considering nobody is really interested in this look anymore. I think there were a total of four lights used for the shots – a hair light, a beauty dish for the face, a large softbox for the main, and another light for a side/rim fill. Still, the end results were great and I guess it’s another notch in my photography diversity experience.. haha.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : May 10, 2009

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