I don’t have anything interesting stories for Paige – I just loved her look. I found her while browsing for new models on ModelMayhem – I really dug the undercut and tattoos- she gave me a Ruby Rose type of vibe, but the few pictures she had up definitely didn’t do justice to her potential, so I decided to see if maybe I could try and jump start that for her. I await the day when she blows up on Instagram and forgets about me 😛

She was a little stiff at first- perhaps because she’s new at this or just needed to warm up- but did pretty well once things started moving along. I think she’s extremely photogenic and definitely pulled off the “bad bitch” look in some shots. Her makeup skills and clear skin also definitely helped make post a lot easier to work through. I think if she gains confidence in herself and just “owns it,” she’ll be getting work left and right in no time.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : October 22, 2017

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