Ah Regina. I originally met her while shooting some video coverage at a car show. She walked by and I thought, “hey she’s pretty cute.. must be a new import model I haven’t seen,” so I asked if she would mind being on video. It turns out she was just checking out the show with some friends, but she was interested in doing some modeling. I told her I do some shoots so we decided to talk about a concept afterwards.

We decided to try out a sexy kimono style shoot based on a few shots we’d seen. I wanted the set to be authentically Japanese, but that would prove to be difficult in California. Thankfully, a Japanese friend of a friend had a home where one room was converted as a meditation or some sort of worship room, with an entirely traditional interior. Now that I think about it maybe it wasn’t proper to shoot something glamour in such a room, but it looked freakin great. I was able to borrow a replica katana just in case it would prove useful as a prop.

I think the shots came out perfectly- looks entirely like it could have been shot in Japan, with a little bit of spice. With some post to give it a vintage look, one could assume this was shot about a hundred years ago.. if you ignore the push-up bra and fan with Korean writing on it 😛

Currently, Regina is a quite popular Instagram personality, with close to 100k followers. I had the honor of doing her first photoshoot, which was more creative than the usual lingerie to boot; but for some reason, she has never posted the pics on her social media. THANKS REGINA!!!



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : December 27, 2013

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