So apparently everything is bigger in Texas- in Sara’s case, we’re talkin about that cake cake cake. I can’t believe I wrote that. But anyway, I just happened to be browsing some casting calls and saw one put up by Sara- from Austin, she was visiting Cali for a week and open to shoot. One look at her pictures and I thought.. “holy crap, I need to get in on this!” I decided to take a chance and ask if she’d be willing to shoot with me if she had some spare time, and fortunately she thought my work was good enough to set something up.

I didn’t have much time to set up since this was all done within a few days, but I figured since she was going to be in Irvine and maybe didn’t have reliable transportation I would try and find something local, instead of going up to LA for more interesting visuals. Ironically, when she got here, she told me she had driven back from a previous shoot up in downtown LA. Damn it!

Turns out, the only real visual we needed is Sara herself. A combination of Persian, Russian, and French (a few more countries I get to check off on my European model quest.. score!), she has a really unique look- and as previously mentioned, a pretty insane body. Not only is she thicc in the right ways, but she’s also somehow extremely fit with low body fat (although I’m sure she’s got a lot of dedication in the gym). If only my fat deposits were like that.

Anyway, the shoot went pretty well. Got some solid shots (although I may have made things awkward when I mentioned she had great thigh gap… ;_;) and also had some interesting conversation about cryptocurrencies (as is all the rage these days), although I felt really bad since she hadn’t eaten all day and all I had to offer was a protein bar. I hope she enjoyed her time here in Cali and hopefully I’ll get to shoot with her again!



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : December 06, 2017

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