A few months ago Sherry asked if I could show up to an early sunrise beach shoot that she was planning on doing with a henna artist. I wasn’t able to wake up in time, but I felt bad when I saw later that she put some effort into her look and didn’t get any real usable pictures from it. I told Sherry that if she wants we can try to do a shoot again when she has time, because I’ve been wanting to work on getting a fashion aesthetic locked down, and get her some good photos to make up for that last time.

We ended up going to El Matador State Beach, but the high tide put a kink into my initial plan, as most of the rock formations there were beyond reach (I did check the tide calendar, but I didn’t think it would’ve affected this beach that significantly). I was left with a pretty limited location, and with only an hour to really catch the sunrise, had to settle with what we could get. Thankfully the pictures came out great, although El Matador decided to give us another swift kick to the nuts by handing us parking violations as souvenirs.



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : April 22, 2017

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