Of Polish origin, Sylwia recently moved to California from Chicago, less than a month before we shot. She contacted me on ModelMayhem and was interested in shooting, so I jumped at the chance because her classic lanky model proportions caught my eye, and based on her portfolio she had an awesome selection of atypical wardrobe. And also because she’s another addition to my European world tour, haha.

Since she wasn’t familiar with the area yet, she wanted to shoot at a nearby beach in Malibu in the afternoon- this was a little problematic because heading up there is a killer drive for me, (especially on the weekends), there would be a crap ton of people there to deal with, and I would be at the mercy of whatever weather the day has planned for us. I figured I would take this as an opportunity to work around the hard light I’d probably get before the sun starts setting, and see if I could make the best of it.

Sylwia was great to work with, although some of her attire was probably a bit too revealing for the general population there- maybe it was her European upbringing, but she definitely didn’t let other beachgoers bother her (I should probably learn a thing or two from her and not be so self-conscious when shooting in public).

In the end, I felt that I was only able to capture one solid set, and I wasn’t able to do her justice with the other outfits. But the results for the good set was totally worth it. I just hope she she feels the same way!



  • Category : Portraiture
  • Date : October 07, 2017

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